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Hey, look, it’s Wheels & Red on the cover of Momentum Magazine! This issue focuses on disability and desire, which is a cringeworthy yet very important subject for so many people.

Meg and I have always been very honest about our relationship and share our struggles openly. We understand as much as anyone that it’s really easy for intimacy to dwindle as married life goes on; kids, jobs, stress, and chronic illness have a tendency to push it even further to the back burner. But when Momentum approached me about doing an interview for the article they were writing, I paused and thought to myself, “Should I really put this out there?” And that pause is exactly why I decided to go through with sharing some of the most intimate details of our relationship. 

Did you know that a whopping 75% of people diagnosed with MS have some sort of sexual dysfunction? That’s too big of a topic to be ignored, or paused, or glazed over to keep people from cringing. Struggling in the bedroom is no walk in the park for a relationship; it can cause a dangerous cycle of stress, frustration and disappointment when the subject is approached without love or compassion. 

Since the magazine has been published, a lot of my ultra supportive friends and family have called me brave for putting it out there; but really, I just want to break down that stigma of sexual dysfunction and the harm it can cause. For anyone struggling with this, creativity is key. Open hearts, open minds and understanding for each other are also very important. 

Mostly, just remember: this doesn’t automatically make you unworthy, this doesn’t make you less than, this doesn’t make you undesirable. This is just another speed bump that you might need to slow down and take your time with. 

Check out the article!

Wheels and red on the cover of Momentum Magazine, PNW

Published by Kellen

Born and raised in the pnw. Disabled in 2010 due to progressive Multiple Sclerosis. I started the Wheels & Red with my amazing wife Meg. Wheels & Red is a way for us to share our story with the world. Let's make this shit accessible.

2 thoughts on “Momentum Magazine

  1. I was so happy to see you and Meg on the cover (and inside!) the Momentum mag this month. I announced “Oh! I know these guys!” when it arrived. Which, of course I don’t really. But the honesty that you share – helps us to feel that we do.

    I don’t hear a lot of women talking about sexual dysfunction as related to their MS.I hear more often about male issues. It’s interesting to hear that 75% of people with MS have some kind of sexual issues. I have self lubricating issue. Extremely. Of course – “easy” to fix at the time with added lubrication. It takes an emotional toll. I worry my husband thinks I’m not into it, not wanting to be physical with him. Which is not it at all. Thankfully – we too – talk about it. We keep it open and light. And – now are well versed on the different types of lubricant! 😉


  2. Was excited to see the two of you on the cover of the magazine. Personally knowing you I feel they couldn’t have chosen any better couple for this article.

    Yes, I do think you are courageous and loving people who are out there to share all your experience in order to better help others with understanding of the struggles that people with this disease experience in their personal lives.

    You two ROCK and are a positive example for others.

    Thanks for Sharing your stories.


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