After technical difficulties botched our first attempt at this, we finally were able to get something good enough to put on air. This is the public affairs program “Conversations”, that runs 6 a.m. Sunday mornings on 107.7 The End.

Check out my 12 minute interview with my man GregR, where I tell him about my MS and what Wheels & Red is all about.

Prouska with GregR in Studio B KNDD 1077 The End Radio station


At the end of the week I am heading back into KNDD to be on the “So you’re in Seattle” podcast with GregR. Look for that to be up in the next couple weeks.


Published by Kellen

Born and raised in the pnw. Disabled in 2010 due to progressive Multiple Sclerosis. I started the Wheels & Red with my amazing wife Meg. Wheels & Red is a way for us to share our story with the world. Let's make this shit accessible.

2 thoughts on “Conversations

  1. Great interview! I thought you explained it well… so many people are unfamiliar with what MS is, I was totally guilty of that before being diagnosed. I’ve had such a variety of responses, my favourite has been, “Ohhh. I hope you feel better soon.” 🙂 I have to say, it’s been a real pleasure reading your blog (and hearing the interview), because you’re very positive. It’s really good to know that you’ve had your diagnosis for 5 years and are still able to be positive and keep on living! Being newly diagnosed, I’m having a lot of frustration, but I’m trying so freakin’ hard to stay positive and not fall into that “wallowing” and depression. Reading your experience helps with that, so thanks for sharing.


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