Returns and Stuff


The good stuff

The part that everyone really wants to know, how much money will we make? Depending on market conditions I can be trading over 40 trades perIMG_1219 day. We will take many small profits everyday. A high number of occurrences of small trades is the mechanical method by which I trade options: trade small and trade often.

Probability of Profit:

75%-95% (Probability of making at least $1)

Return on Capital:

25%-60% TROC


Tech and Brokerage

I trade through TD Ameritrade and currently receive discounted
commission rates.
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I trade on the most advance trading platform on the market ThinkorSwim.TOSlogo

News and Info

I follow the guys at TastyTrade during the day. They are the fastest growing financial media outlet. I follow the same strategies that Tom Sosnoff, the creator of TastyTrade and ThinkorSwim, uses. Everyday they present research helping me refine my strategies.


Custom computer programs

I also have a background in computer programing and web development. This allows me to write programs to do custom calculations. The one I use the most takes the implied volatility, stock price and DTE and outputs the expected move for any given timeframe. The program is available to download on my Github.